Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance will provide you tax-free compensation when you are diagnosed with some serious situation in Surrey BC, Edmonton, Calgary. The insurance contract will define the condition of your coverage such as stroke, heart attack, or cancer. Nowadays, medical science has enhanced the survival rates of people suffering from critical illnesses. However, the recovery of the person comes with a major cost that impacts your family and of course you.

At Think Insurance in Surrey BC, Canada. our critical illness insurance provides help in paying the cost linked with life-altering illnesses. Adopting our critical illness insurance in Surrey BC will be advantageous you’re your recovery after having survived a critical illness and be rest assured to receive a lump sum amount after the fact. Critical insurance helps to protect you and your family from financial ruin when any big health emergency occurs.

If you are living in Surrey BC, Edmonton, Calgary then call Think Insurance today! And recover your finances from any serious illness that may, unfortunately, strike you or your loved one to ensure that precious life is protected.

The critical illness insurance offered by us will provide you valuable support services and financial security to cope up during the most challenging time. Moreover, you can have access to advanced medical services, and sustain financial constancy.

Why Critical Illness Insurance is better than Traditional Health Insurance?

  • While you are dealing with your illness, it helps in reducing financial concerns and debt.
  • Provides additional help to your family.
  • Replace the lost or reduced income for your family member who desires to take off from
    work in order to care for you.
  • It offers extra coverage for any kind of medical emergency including cancer, heart attack,
    or stroke.
  • Critical illness insurance is far better than traditional health insurance in terms of paying
    more than medical costs.
  • Critical illness insurance covers all new medical treatments as well as medications.
  • Though it covers only a few emergencies or illnesses, it is relatively low at cost.







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