RESP Insurance

RESP is a registered education savings plan which is one of the most excellent methods for saving and securing the future of your children in Surrey BC. RESP in Surrey BC, Edmonton, Calgary is a plan for tax-free savings for the post-secondary education of your children. The family members and parents can contribute to the registered education saving plan up to a limit of $50,000 per kid for a lifetime. The Government of Canada matches your contribution up to 20% which is $500 per year until your kid turns 17.

From Think Insurance, you can get a segregated fund which is a protected investment opportunity and depend on the coverage have death and maturity benefits of 75% of RESP investment. This investment can help young Canadians to easily minimize student debt and post-secondary education.

RESP Insurance For Employees

The employees can also be benefited from this RESP insurance at no cost. They can choose either an individual plan or family plan so that they can contribute through banking bill payment online, pre-authorized debit, and payroll deduction. In addition, family and friends can also contribute directly by opening a secondary RESP. Whenever the time comes; we help you in the withdrawal process for releasing funds to the beneficiary.







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