Disability Insurance

Health Insurance covers the overall cost drawn during the hospitalization or treatment of illness. But, if anyone suffers from an abrupt disability which in turn forces you to leave your income or work. Whether it is a permanent disability or it is a partial disability, it will lead to financial losses for sure. At Think Insurance BC, Canada you can go for Disability insurance for managing the effects of such conditions.

Disability insurance covers the income lost during work failure in case of temporary or permanent disability. We help our clients in providing the best coverage for their lost income together with all the medical expenses, in case of accidents that lead to impairment. Our offered disability insurance covers sick leaves as well as numerous benefits for the long term and short term periods.

Kinds of Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance: The waiting period of short term disability insurance last between 0 to 14 days. Only 2 years benefit you can avail from the short term disability insurance. Under this insurance, we cover birth injuries as well as accidental injuries.

Long-Term Disability insurance: It is a very famous disability insurance in which you receive coverage for life span. It mainly covers critical injuries and illness in this, when you discontinue your work. The waiting period of long term disability insurance lasts between weeks to months. We help to cover mental illness, cancer tissue tears, various diseases, disorders, and cardiovascular problems.

To protect both your family and income, get in touch with Think Insurance.

Flawless Advantages of Having Disability Insurance

  • The accident of only earning members of the family can have a terrific impact on the economical condition of the family. In case of any mishap, the disability insurance helps to keep you and your entire family safe and sound.
  • Sometimes after accidents, a person led to disability so it will become difficult for them to work and earn. Thus, disability insurance will help in paying the necessary expenses.
  • Through disability insurance, you can also save your tax as according to the Income Tax Act 1961, the premium paid for it is spared.







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