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Insurance in Surrey, Calgary, and Edmonton

Are you looking for Insurance broker in Surrey, Calgary or Edmonton? Then, you are in the perfect place. Think Insurance is a family operated and locally owned Insurance Agency offering various brokerage services such as health, life, commercial, personal, and group insurance. We provide you with the best insurance price and coverage on your requirements as we work with different companies. We have decades of experience and have been operating for many years.

Our Insurance Brokers

At Think Insurance, we have a well trained and experienced team of insurance brokers for handling all your requirements. All our insurance agents in Calgary, Surrey or Edmonton are certified and come with a legal license. Our brokers tend to make the process stress free and easy for you by accessing the policies from various companies and obtaining different quotes, then comparing and narrowing them down as per your needs. So, get an insurance quote from our expert and skilled agents and attain the best plan now!

We Help You in Choosing Insurance Plan

We know that finding out the right insurance policy can be very challenging. Now, no worries! Our insurance agents will guide and help you in choosing the perfect Insurance Plan in Edmonton, Calgary or Surrey. We are expertise in Insurance policies and believe in providing you with what you want at an accurate time. Moreover, we offer life insurance, critical illness, disability, mortgage, RESP, Super Visa and permanent life insurance. Also, we deem relevant discounts, recent changes, risks, and custom each plan that best suits your requirements.

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Insurance Services Offered

Our Insurance company alters your Insurance plans according to your needs in Surrey BC, Edmonton, Calgary. Save on Insurance premiums without sacrificing coverage. Think Insurance is a locally owned Insurance Agency in Surrey BC. We offer various insurance brokerage services such as health, life, commercial, personal, and group insurance. If you have an existing policy we can review your policy and make required amends that can help you. Many people worry about the cost of life insurance but it is inexpensive if you go for life insurance coverage at younger ages. Moreover, it gives your family financial protection. Our biggest asset is our ability to earn an income. We also provide critical illness insurance and disability insurance coverage in Surrey BC, Edmonton, Calgary to protect you from loss of income due to an accident or medical issues.

Our expert Mortgage Insurance brokers help you in unlocking the door of your dream house at a low down payment in Surrey BC. Mortgage Insurance will safeguard the lending institute if the person listed on insurance passes away.At Think Insurance we also offer super visa insurance and travel insurance for international or inter-provincial travel. Already you are spending thousands of dollars for our vocations then why not make a smart choice to invest some more dollars to get insurance coverage?

Life Insurance

Think Insurance works with our clients to choose the best coverage plan for their age, stage of life, and financial obligations they want to cover both now and in the future.

Disability Insurance

Considering 1 out of 3 people will become disabled for over 90 days before the Age of 65 and that the average disability that lasts over 90 days is 2.9 years, protecting one’s income in the event of accident or illness should be a top priority!

Critical Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance was designed to provide financial assistance in the form of a lump sum, tax free payout to help you cope with the stress and difficulties associated with such an event. The benefit is paid on first diagnosis of one of a list of critical illnesses.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurances are designed to cover mortgage debt. Banks generally offer you Mortgage Insurance, there are many disadvantages compared to purchasing your own coverage! There is a better and less costly alternative to Mortgage Insurance, it is called Life Insurance.

Term & Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance Provides for stable lifelong protection without the complexities of Universal Life plans. Over the long term, it offers generally a better financial choice than buying and renewing term.

RESP Insurance

RESP is a registered education savings plan is one of the most excellent methods for saving and securing the future of the children. RESP in Canada is a plan for tax-free savings for the post secondary education of your children.

Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa is a temporary visa which is issued by the Government of Canada. This visa does not permit any person to work in Canada. The super visa is only granted to eligible grandparents or parents of a Canadian Permanent Resident.







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