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We have always believed in helping people, families, and businesses to create, protect, and preserve their financial security. We’ve been doing just that — making sure our customers are prepared for whatever life has in store and that we’ll be there to help them face the future with confidence.

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Insurance Services Offered

We alter your Insurance plans according to your needs. Save on premiums without sacrificing coverage. If you have an existing policy we can review your policy and make required amends that can help you.

Life Insurance

Think Insurance works with our clients to choose the best coverage plan for their age, stage of life, and financial obligations they want to cover both now and in the future.

Disability Insurance

Considering 1 out of 3 people will become disabled for over 90 days before the Age of 65 and that the average disability that lasts over 90 days is 2.9 years, protecting one’s income in the event of accident or illness should be a top priority!

Critical Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance was designed to provide financial assistance in the form of a lump sum, tax free payout to help you cope with the stress and difficulties associated with such an event. The benefit is paid on first diagnosis of one of a list of critical illnesses.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurances are designed to cover mortgage debt. Banks generally offer you Mortgage Insurance, there are many disadvantages compared to purchasing your own coverage! There is a better and less costly alternative to Mortgage Insurance, it is called Life Insurance.

Term & Permanent Insurance

Permanent Insurance Provides for stable lifelong protection without the complexities of Universal Life plans. Over the long term, it offers generally a better financial choice than buying and renewing term.







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